Clair Marie Léopold Verguet

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Fr Clair Marie Léopold Verguet

Fr Léopold Verguet (1817-1914) was a priest of the diocese of Carcassonne, France, who was briefly a member of the Society of Mary and a missionary who was part of the first mission group to the Solomons. Verguet had a short and traumatic career as a missionary but documented it with letters, sketches and watercolours.

  • 18450202 Departed London, went via Cape Town to Sydney arrived 22 June 1845
  • 18451023 Left Sydney, made landfall in New Caledonia 17 November 1845
  • 18451123 Left New Caledonia arrived San Cristobal (Makira) 2 Dec 1845
  • 18451213 started exploring Santa Isabel (Thousand Ships Bay)
  • 18451216 the party is attacked and Bishop Epalle fatally wounded
  • 18451219 Bishop Epalle died and was buried the next day.
  • 18460103 Verguet and others start the mission on San Cristobal (Makira)
  • 18470219 Verguet departs San Cristobal
  • 18470306 Arrives Sydney and spends time recuperating
  • 18470509 Verguet and Collomb on board the Spec (Speculator?) left Sydney for New Zealand
  • 18470523 Episcopal ordination of Collomb in Kororāreka
  • 18470602 Bp Collomb and Verguet depart Bay of Islands for New Caledonia on the Spec
  • 18470629 Spec arrives at the main mission of Baïao on New Caledonia
  • 18470715 Verguet goes by land to Pouebo (secondary mission station) New Caledonia
  • 18470717 Spec leaves for Indonesia
  • 18470718 Mission station at Baïao, Balade is attacked (Br Blaise injured)
  • 18470719 Station attacked again, occupants flee to Pouebo but Blaise is killed.
  • 18470812 The French naval vessel the Brillante arrives at Pouebo
  • Brillante takes Verguet and the missionaries to Anatom (Vanuatu) [arriving 15 August 1847] and then to Sydney [arriving 27 August 1847]
  • 18471003 Verguet left Sydney on the barque Tory destined for London. (It stopped over at St Helena on 6 Jan 1848)
  • 18480306 Verguet arrives in London and later in the month travels to Lyon and stays with the Marists there before leaving the Society and re-joining the diocese of Carcassonne.
  • 18480319 Verguet arrived in Lyon Poupinel doc 72
1848 by September Verguet is assistant priest at Lodève Poupinel doc 91
1883 Verguet published a small book entitled Gran Archipel des Iles Salomon son Étendue, sa Fertilité.
1885 Verguet published a forty-page article for the Revue d’Ethnographe entitled “Arossi ou San-Christoval et ses habitants”