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''Paragraphs [1] to [5] – Seon’s letter – still to be translated”
''Paragraphs [1] to [5] – Seon’s letter – still to be translated”
;[Colin's handwriting]:
:My dear Superior,
:My dear Superior,
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::Your very humble servant,
::Your very humble servant,
:::Colin, Sup.
:::Colin, Sup.
=== Notes ===
=== Notes ===

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15 Mar 1837 — Antoine Séon to Marcellin Champagnat, with a postscript by Jean-Claude Colin

From the microfilm of the autograph document sent in the AFM

Text of the Letter

[p. 4 in Colin’s handwriting]
Monsieur l’abbé Champagnat
Sup(érieur) des frères de l’Ermitage
par St Chamond
BELLEY (-) 15 MARS 1837
16 MARS 1837
[p. 1, Séon’s handwriting]

Mon cher,

Belley, 15 March 1837.
My dear confrère

Paragraphs [1] to [5] – Seon’s letter – still to be translated”

[Colin's handwriting]
My dear Superior,
Fr. Depery, v(icar) g(eneral) of Belley, is to go to Paris after Easter; he wishes to obtain for you the approbation of your Brothers. He requests therefore: 1. A copy of the documents sent[1] to Paris. 2. Some indication as to the office where the aforesaid documents are deposited; who the persons are to whom they were entrusted; finally, he thinks that the chances of success would be greater if the Statutes of the Congregations of Brothers already approved, were sent along. [p. 3]
The Bishop of Belley seems disposed, too, to have the establishment in St. Didier approved. Be good enough to write back to me then and as soon as possible.
As we have a lot of sick people in the Seminary, we have asked for Brother Paulin who comes from Savoie to carry out the duties of infirmarian; if it could be arranged, we would like to keep him. See if that will suit you. I am thinking of sending you Brother Léon. I don't think that this young man can fit in anywhere; he is lacking in virtue and judgment.
I want you to let me know the outcome of your approaches in Grenoble, and the precise day of your meeting in Lyons with Fr. Terraillon. We have to come to an understanding on several things.
Accept the assurance of the respect with which I remain,
Your very humble servant,
Colin, Sup.


  1. supra lineam+ for this purpose