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Letter from Duperre to Archbishop of Amasie, Paris, 9 Oct 1839

Translated by Miss M Lindsay 1986


Paris, 9 October, 1839

To His grace, the Archbishop of Amasie,

Administrator of the Lyons Diocese,

From the Ministry of Marine and Colonies.

Your Grace

I received the letter, which you did me the honour of writing 25 September last, asking me to guarantee royal marine protection to the French missionaries established in New Zealand , and to obtain facilities for the conveyance of their correspondence between France and Oceania.

I agree willingly to receive and deliver to the French Ambassador in London, the letters and parcels which Father Colin will have to reach Monsignor de Pompallier, Bishop of Maronée.

Hitherto no French consular agent has been established in New Zealand , and this point of support is still lacking for the safety of correspondence between this country and France.

As for the protection you claim for the missionaries from the commanders of the French warships, you can rely on that at all times; special recommendations have been made with regard to this, to the captains of those ones of those ships which are destined to sail the great ocean.

Accept the assurance of feelings of high esteem with which I am, Your Grace, your very humble and obedient servant,

Peer Admiral of France, Minister, Secretary of State for Marine and Colonies