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a book of texts

for the study of marist spirituality

compiled by edwin l. keel s.m.



Le Puy Text 1

Mary, the Support of the Church Texts 2-19

The Newborn Church Texts 20-59

The End of Time Texts 60-92

At the End as at the Beginning Texts 93-101

The Whole World Marist Texts 102-142

At the Major Seminary, Lyons, 1815-1816 Texts 143-144

The Fourvière Pledge Text 145

The Work of Mary Texts 146-172

Further Witnesses to Reception Texts 173-177


Cerdon: Experiences Texts 178-217 Cerdon: The Constitutions Texts 218-249 Tasting God Texts 250-257 The Name We Bear Texts 258-299 Toward a Marian Vision of Church Texts 300-369 The House of Mary and the Spirit of the Society 370-388


Bugey: The Missions 389-425 Bugey: Missionary Life 426-452 Mercy 453-495 Communion for Mission 496-508 Missions to Sinners and Unbelievers 509-539 Joy 540-550 Nazareth 551-591