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2 April 1842 - Father Joseph-François Roulleaux to Father Jean-Claude Colin, Kororareka

Translated by Fr Brian Quin SM, April 2008

J(esus) M(ary) J(oseph)

To Reverend Father Superior General

Kororareka 2 April 1842

Very Reverend Father
I can only write briefly: we are right now leaving for the tropics, Father Servant and I. I am very happy about this, for a long time I wanted to go to the islands. We will stop first at Wallis where we will meet the Bishop, who will give us our destination. [1] Another reason for joy: I made my vows yesterday, on the anniversary of my baptism. That ceremony, like my reception of the priesthood and my first Mass, took place on a Friday, by which disposition of Providence I know not, but perhaps it wants to remind me, through that, to never forget how much my vocation cost my Lord. The hostility which existed between M Yvert and myself came to an end, entirely, a long time ago, and the previous cordiality between us has been renewed, to my great happiness, it was a trial through which the good God no doubt purified our friendship. I can say no more, I am being hurried.
I commend myself to your prayers and remain, with deep respect, your most obedient son,
J(ean) F(rançois) Roulleaux
Missionary apostolic of the Society of Mary


  1. Roulleaux and Servant were leaving with Viard, who, having brought Peter Chanel’s remains from Futuna to New Zealand, was returning to Pompallier at Wallis. On the 28-29 May Pompallier would send Servant and Roulleaux to Futuna where they would stay with Brother Marie-Nizier - translator’s note
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