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28 June 1860 - Reverends Seon and Chataigner to Superintendent - apply for a grant to Roman Catholic Church

Reference: Archives NZ, search for number R22189000 or click here
Scan obtained and transcribed by Elizabeth Charlton October 2023.
Reverends Seon and Chataigner to Superintendent - apply for grant to Roman Catholic Church [CH287 Box CP 22, ICPS 420-1860]

Christchurch June the 28th 1860

His Honour the Superintendant

Now residents in Christchurch by the special appointment of our Bishop to attend upon the Catholics of this province, the Rev Father Chataigner and myself beg leave to acquaint Your Honour that we have begun building on the land granted for the Catholic body.
In accordance with the direction you were pleased to give on our visit to Your Honour, we now make the application to know when we could ask for the money granted by the Provincial Government for the use of the Catholics.
On account of our late arrival from unavoidable circumstances, we have been greatly hurried to commence building and have been driven to the expedition of having in our dwelling a temporary chapel.
The Catholic congregation, already poor and? in common with their fellow colonists are suffering from the pressure of the times. We therefore beg permission to make use of the grant to enable us to complete the building that we have begun, and which will be used for Catholic worship until we are enabled to erect a more suitable building for that purpose.
I have the honour to be, Sir, your Honour,
The most obedient and humble servant
J.A.J. Seon
Cath <priest>?