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Fr ANTOINE GARIN, aged 30 (on arrival in New Zealand in Group V on 15 Jun 1841).

Initially he remained at Kororareka until near the end of 1843 when here started the Kaipara mission With a new base at Tangiteroria, in late 1847 he was withdrawn from the Maori mission and appointed to Howick as a chaplain to the Fencibles. He was part of the 1850 Marist exodus to Wellington and, within a few days of his arrival there, was on his way to Nelson where he spent almost 40 years as parish priest. He is especially remembered for his contribution to the provincial education system, and his provision of Catholic orphanages. He died in Nelson on 14 April 1889, aged 78, and is buried at Whakapuaka cemetery in a memorial chapel provided by public subscription. The diaries and journals he kept pretty methodically during his 48 years in New Zealand are a valuable resource.

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