Claude (Br Amon) Duperron

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From THE FIRST WAVE OF FRENCH MARISTS by Michael O'Meeghan SM, 2008, 18.

Br AMON (Claude) DUPERRON, aged 29 (on arrival in New Zealand in Group IV on 11 Jul 1840).

Within a month of his arrival he left the Society. He died on 9 December 1840 at Kororareka after a shooting accident while hunting.

From Fr Garin NZ18421018:

"Do you not have a terrible example in that Brother who, having left the Society here, going hunting on the beautiful day of the feast of the Blessed Virgin, accidentally received from his rifle the shot which caused him to die several days after; he himself said before dying that he had abandoned Mary and that she was punishing him for it on the very day of her feast."

The Brothers of the first wave of Missionaries

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