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Br Francois to Br Augule, St Genis Laval, 17 January 1859

LFF 2: 324

Introduction and translation by Br Edward Clisby FMS


Br Augule (Jean-Louis Chiroussel 1825-1907), a bootmaker by trade, was received as a novice at La Begude in 1846. After his novitiate he worked at his trade at the Hermitage until volunteering for the missions in 1857. Bataillon on his visit to Europe paid several calls to the Hermitage, and on his last obtained two brothers, one of them Augule. Avit says of him that ‘he had the laudable ambition of assuming the title of bootmaker apostolic’ (AA 2. 217). In Sydney he resumed his trade at Villa Maria, helping train young islanders in the service of the missions. Although he could read, Augule had difficulty with writing, so his letters to Francois, the one mentioned here [1] and his reply to this one (L 144) were penned by others (rf L 144 [10]).

Text of the Letter

Dear Brother,
I read with pleasure the little details you give me about your voyage from Lyon to London and from London to Sydney, and I thank the Lord and the divine Mary for your happy crossing and the contentment you feel now in your new position.
You know, my dear Brother, how much all our Brothers in France are interested in those in Oceania and with what satisfaction they hear about them. So it will be necessary to take care to write to us from time to time to continue to do by writing what we have so far done by speech. I am happy to hear that your health is good and that you are setting to work with courage and intrepidity. I have sent you via Brothers Abraham and Ptolemee everything you noted down in your two letters.
Now, my dear Brother, I engage you to consider your workshop as Saint Joseph’s shop, and to work there as if in the presence of the holy family, and as if the holy Child Jesus were ordering from you some pairs of shoes. I renew all my affection for you and wish you a happy New Year and good success in your new position, and I leave you with confidence in the hands and under the protection of our loveable Mother.
Yours very truly, F.F.

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