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16 Nov 1836 — Colin to Marcellin Champagnat, Lyon

[p. 4]
Fr. Champagnat, Superior / of the Brothers of Notre Dame de l'Ermitage, / par St Chamond, / Loire.
Ly--17-----St Chamond (84) 17. Nov 1836.
[p. 1]
Lyons 16th November. 1836.
My very dear confrère,
My brother and I have been here[1] since yesterday, and we are thinking of blessing the chapel and the house, next Saturday, the 19th inst. I would like you to send along Fr. Besson and would be especially pleased [2] if he came for Saturday so that all together we could set up the rule and put order in the house. The house in Lyons is more important than any other, so I think you will have to leave with us Brother Luke,[3] who fits in perfectly with our situation. Will you kindly replace him then by Brother Félix[4] and release him[5] to us if at all possible.
May I ask you to pass on to me the Society deed belonging to the Fathers of Valbenoite,[6] that you have in your possession. We are being asked for prospectuses of your training school for Brothers; will you please send me a few copies. We would also be most grateful if you could see your way to supply Brothers for Draguignan, in the department of Var. Let me have a reply. With regard to the Sisters you are asking for, that is a matter we can only deal with verbally. I shall be obliged to return to Belley towards the end of next week, so I do not know[7] when we could see each other. Fr. Besson can bring his belongings, at least, the essentials. I am writing in great haste and have just the time to add that I am respectfully, dear brother,
Your most humble and obedient servant
Colin. Sup.


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