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22 June 1837 — Jean-Claude Colin to Marcellin Champagnat

From the photocopy of the original sent in the AFM, one sheet of four pages

[p. 4]
Monsieur / Monsieur l’abbé Champagnat supérieur des / frères à Notre Dame de l’Ermitage / par St Chamond / Loire
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BELLEY (1) 23 JUIN 1837 / ST CHAMOND (84) 24 JUIN 1837

Text of the Letter

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Belley, 22nd June 1837.

My dear confrère,
Brother Paulin request me to put a kind word in to you, on his behalf. I told him leave his local Superior to deal with the matter, but that I shall consider him as belonging to the Society only in so far as you are prepared to accept him. See what you think you can do; he appears to be very repentant, and I do not think that he is an unusual type of person.
A child of fifteen has been brought to me; he is the brother of two Sisters in Bon Repos. I am thinking of sending him along to you. He can pay for his Novitiate.
I do wish you had written to me about the eldest of the Millots, telling me what he is doing, whether you are satisfied with him, what is your opinion of him; we are looking for a job for him, and I hope that I shall not let it be long. Try to keep your patience. If you find a job for him yourself, you should notify me. The good God will reward you for your charity.
The Brothers are busy as usual and send you their kind regards. It seems to me that you are not taking sufficient care of your health; try to look after yourself a little better.
My best wishes to Fr. Terraillon.
I have the honour to be
your very humble and obedient servant
Colin, Sup
All the confrères here embrace you.