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13 August 1837 — Jean-Claude Colin to Jean-Paul-Gaston de Pins

From the microfilm of the document sent, writing Claude Girard, conserved in the Durand archives at Chasselay

[p. 1]
Lyons 13th August 1837.
Your Grace,
When, a few days ago, I had the honour to ask for your blessing, I felt the urge to open my heart to you and to acquaint you in confidence with the reason for my visit to Fr. Cholleton. But I was so taken aback by this interview which I was not expecting, and it was so short that I scarcely had the time to think. I admit that I lacked simplicity towards your Grace who has already given me so many proofs of his tender kindness. I dare to hope, Your Grace, that you will now be good enough to give us a piece of news about it.
A priest of your diocese whom you highly esteem and in whom you have the greatest confidence has just written a letter to me, at the end of a retreat (Turn over the Page, please) [p.2] conducted by the Jesuit Fathers, in which he announced that he had definitely made up his mind to enter our Society, if you Grace will kindly allow it. He is Fr. Dussurgey, Superior of the junior seminary of Montbrison. I am fully aware of the great sacrifice that Your Grace would be called upon to make in granting his request, but I do ask you to consider how much our Society needs members of such outstanding virtue and talents. We are still poor, as well you know: the presence of Fr. Dussurgey among us would be a great boost to our Society. Furthermore, he is not going to leave your diocese, he will always be at your service, my Lord, according as you see fit.
Your Grace, the little Society of Mary is your work; we are all honoured to be your children, as you so kindly wish to be father to us all, and we see with deepest gratitude all the interest you take in us. It suffices for me to have put before you our great need of Fr. Dussurgey. I now submit unreservedly to your wisdom and whatever decision your Grace makes, your wishes will always and invariably be mine.
These are the sentiments which I beg you to accept as a token of the deep respect with which I have the honour to be
the most humble and obedient servant of Your Grace,
Colin Sup.