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29 September 1837 — Jean-Claude Colin to Marcellin Champagnat

From the letter itself in his own hand APM 233.2

Text of the Letter

[p. 4 Address]
Fr. Champagnat Superior of the Brothers, Notre Dame de l'hermitage.
[No postmark]

[p. 1]

Belley 29th September.

My very dear confrère,
I have found the means of sending to the retreat all the Brothers of Belley. I trust that you will send them all to me or that you will replace them advantageously, for me: Br. Timothé‚ is indispensable to Belley, so please do not retain him. I am also sending you a novice, Br. Bellimas. I would be pleased if he received the holy habit after the retreat. Furthermore, I shall come over to the Hermitage before the end of your retreat.
I am requesting you to agree to my brother and Fr. Convers going to St. Etienne during your retreat. Fr. Lagnier will take their place. My brother's absence would be too long, if he postponed his departure until after you retreat.
Pray hard that the good Lord will provide me with the means of giving you an assistant as soon as possible. I ask Him for this favour every day, as I feel that you need one.
Out of compassion, from a motive of charity and also to clear your bit of territory, I have allowed Br. Millot to come and see his parents in Belley. He is neither a novice nor a theologian. I am busy at the moment looking for an appointment for him. From a trustworthy source, I am led to believe that the parish priest of Tarentaise has been misled more than once. I shall have more to say to you later about the nonsense in question. Besides, it was not the Mother Superior of Bon Repos who prevailed upon me to take the course I did, it was simply my wish to get him off your patch.
I embrace you toto corde
Your very humble servant
Colin Sup.