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19 October 1837 — Jean-Claude Colin to Marcellin Champagnat

From the microfilm of the sent original in the hand of the author, conserved in the AFM. One sheet of four pages.

[p. 4]
Monsieur / Monsieur Champagnat supérieur / des frères A Notre Dame de l’Ermitage / par St Chamond / Loire / pressée
BELLEY (-) 20 OCT 1837 — St CHAMOND 21 OCT

[p. 1]
Belley, 19th October 1837.

My very dear confrère,
We await the Brothers with all the more impatience as we so badly need them. I am surprised that you have not sent at least two, Brother André‚ and Brother Marie or others.
Please, do send them to us immediately, for the feast of All Saints is upon us and the arrangement of furniture etc. for the return of the children is holding us up, as we are overburdened with work.
I beg you to send us Brother Bellimaz for this year, the Brother I sent you without the habit. Get him to bring all his clothes; he will need them all at sometime another. Please tell Fr. Voron de St. Jean Bonefon that I cannot find him a situation. We cannot place him where I thought that he would fit in.
Fr. Chanut will stay with you to help you and Fr. Lagnier will go to la Favorite as chaplain for the time being.
Accept the expression of my sincere affection.
Your devoted and very humble servant
Colin, sup.