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26 December 1837 — Jean-Claude Colin to Marcellin Champagnat

From the original sent in the author’s hand APM 233.2; paper Superfine Bath.

[p. 4] Address
Fr. Champagnat Superior of the /Marist Brothers/ Notre Dame de l'Ermitage /par St. Chamond Loir

Belley (I) 26th Dec---- St. Chamond (84) 27 December 1837.

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Belley, 26th December 1837

My very dear confrère,
On the very day of my departure from Lyons, Fr. Burgos, a native of St. Etienne, I think, aged forty-seven, who was the principal at the college in Villefranche and in another college for twelve years, educated and well versed in business matters applied for entry into the Society. After conferring with Fr. Cholleton, it was decided to ask you to have him in your community, as it occurs to us that he may be of some service to you. He will pay five hundred francs for the first year. Later we shall pay something for him if he is still in your house. But it is only fair that I should let you know that there was a lot of talk about this worthy gentleman, in a moral connection. He was placed under an interdict; but a year ago, he turned in on himself; he was allowed to say mass again. He was converted by the Curé of Ars who advised him to enter the Society. You do understand that we cannot have him in Lyons, but I cannot see that the same difficulty arises in your receiving him at the Hermitage as a retired priest and a paying guest. I leave you free to make up your own mind. Do not speak about this to anybody other than Fr. Ferraillon. If you think that you can take him in, write and tell him so. His address is: Fr. Burgos, Glez‚ St. Roch par Villefranche. If, on the other hand you cannot have him, write to him just the same and let him know that you are unable to accommodate him.
It does not appear to me that there would be any serious inconvenience in your having him at the Hermitage as a retired priest; and you could make good use of him in your every day correspondence. I am told that he is sincerely repentant. If you decide to have him, you will have to make it perfectly clear to him that you cannot admit him as a member of the Society, nor hold out any hope that he will ever be received into it, but that, on the recommendation of Fr. Cholleton you are offering him a home in your house etc...
Should you see Fr. Chanut, kindly tell him that I want him to settle in the Lyons house where he will soon be appointed public relations officer and business manager. Also that he can preach the lenten sermons in Valbenoite.
I am writing to you currente calamo. You will have to guess what you cannot read. I embrace you toto corde, and remain with sincerest affection.
Your most humble serv(ant)
Colin Sup.
If you are reluctant to write to Fr. Burgos, let me know what your intentions are, and I shall pass them on to him.