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13 January 1838 — Jean-Claude Colin to Dominique Meynis, Belley

From the copy in SCR II, 13s.

Belley 13th January 1838

I am making arrangements to send three or four priests and two Brother catechists to assist Monsignor Pompallier. The departure of this second contingent will take place in the course of this present year, and as soon as possible. His Eminence, Cardinal Franzoni, Prefect of the Sacred College of Propaganda of the Faith wrote to me on the 16th December, last, that it was the wish of the Sacred Congregation that this reinforcement should leave as soon as possible, quam citissime fieri potest.
I make bold to commend this fresh group of missionaries to the zeal of the directors of the important work of the Propagation of the Faith. You know what the present resources of Monsignor Pompallier are and what expenses the departure of these gospel evangelical workers is going to entail. If it were possible to obtain an advance on the sum that the office of the Propagation of the Faith would allow to the mission next year, it would certainly be of benefit, for you appreciate the difficulty of getting the money out to them, once the missionaries have left. I beg you, Father, to be good enough to take a special interest in this difficult mission and to commend it to the warm support of the President and the other directors of the office of the Propagation of the Faith.
I hastily seize this opportunity to express once again to all those gentlemen and to your good self my deepest gratitude for the sums of money allotted to this mission in the previous years. This expression of gratitude will come not only from the hearts of the missionaries but also from the hearts of those multitudes of infidels who will be indebted to you for their happiness.
Please accept the assurance of the respect with which I have the pleasure to be
Your most humble and obedient servant
Colin Sup.