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20 January 1838 - Jean-Claude Colin to Maxime Petit, Belley

From the original sent in the author’s hand, APM 233; one sheet Superfine Bath of four pages.

[p. 4 Address]
Fr. Petit, Former house of the Lazarites/ Montée St. Barthelemi Nø 24/ Lyon
Belley (1) 20 - ANV 1838/ Lyons 21st January

[p. 1]
Belley 20th January 1838

My dear Father,
I do not think that this trip to the south is in accordance with the will of God. I have consulted Rome as to whether the journey to this capital of the christian world to obtain the necessary faculties and instruction would be useful; the Card(inal) Prefect of the S(acred) Cong(regation) of Propaganda fide has replied to me to say that such a journey would be quite useless. And so, dear Father, offer up this little sacrifice.
As to your vocation to Polynesia, be content with praying, offering yourself to the Saviour for the conversion of the infidels, and leave all the rest to your Superiors. It seems to me that you are over-anxious. For the present you have only to place yourself in the hands of God and allow Providence to pursue its course. In the month of February, I shall tell you what you have to do, that is, whether you will leave for Oceania or not.
Will you please tell Fr. Convers to take the twelve fr(anc)s which he forgot and that I shall reimburse them.
I embrace you toto corde and remain with true affection.
My dear Father
your very humble and obedient servant
Colin Sup.