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23 January 1838 – Jean-Claude Colin to Br François Rivat, Belley

From the microfilm of the original sent in the hand of the author in the AFM; one sheet of two pages; there are edited extracts in OM 2, doc. 772.

[p. 1]
Belley 23rd January 1838.

My very dear J.M.J. Brother,
I am extremely grateful to you for conveying my last letter to the Brothers in the different houses. I am counting very much on their prayers and on those said at the Hermitage to obtain from Heaven the grace to be able to pick out those whom the Lord calls either from the Fathers or the Brothers to the grace of the Apostolate. A last letter from Monsignor Pompallier informed me that they left Valparaiso on the 10th. August, and that they would like to have three or four Brothers in the second group as well as the same number of priests. We shall see to all this when Fr. Champagnat returns.
Be satisfied with writing to those dear ladies of St. Antoine, telling them that 1. in the absence of Fr. Champagnat who will probably be away for awhile yet, you counsel them to await his return before you make a move. 2. you know for a positive fact that the missionaries in Grenoble and the Sisters of Providence are not Marists and have no connection link with the Marists, but that this ought not to prevent the Sisters of St. Antoine from joining the Sisters of la Providence, moreover you are giving them this advice without committing yourself to the decision they may reach. That will suffice for them. Take courage, dear Brother, place your confidence in God.
I embrace you toto corde and remain
your truly devoted servant
Colin Sup.