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10 March 1838 – Jean-Claude Colin to Claude Mayet, Lyons

From the original sent in the author’s hand, APM 233; one sheet of four pages.

On Mayet and the context of this letter see Alain-Roland Forissier, Apprendre à goûter Dieu, Rome, 1996 (coll. Maristica 7), p. 73-75.

[p. 4 Address ]
Fr. Mayet, Maison dites Capucins/Belley/Ain
Lyon II March----

[Mayet's handwriting]
10th march 1838, to Fr. Mayet, priest and novice. To become a St., a great St - for this to be humble - and to acknowledge one's wretchedness.

[p. 1]
Lyons 10th March 1838

My very dear Father,
I was delighted to receive your brief letter, but note that you make no mention of your health which I am so anxious to know about. I have often thought about you since my departure, and most earnestly wish you to become a saint - a great saint - and I hope that by the grace of the good Lord Jesus you will be one; for the good Lord loves to overwhelm with His favours those very people who are most unworthy of them, when acknowledging their nothingness and their wretchedness, they become humble. Be always very humble then, convinced of your nothingness, convinced that of yourself you can do nothing; but with Jesus and Mary, you can do all things. That should be sufficient to give you courage in plenty. I am very glad about those little assaults that the devil makes on you; they give you grounds for being humble, for having recourse to God, for being conscious of your wretched state. From the contempt you have from these assaults, you insensibly acquire the habit of solid virtue and increase your merit. Take courage then; virtus in infirmitate perficitur. Cast aside all anxiety, in the hands of Jesus and Mary. I shall embrace you on Wednesday or Thursday.
I saw your brother for a brief moment. He is very well, and so are your parents. Fr. Chevas has been very ill; but I am hoping that he will pull through.
I embrace you toto corde and remain with the greatest affection
my very dear confrère
Your most humble and obedient servant
Colin. Sup
Please hand the enclosed sheet to Fr. Millot, junior.