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December 2010 - décembre 2010

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The new Constitutions / Les nouvelles constitutions

J. Rodriguez SM
Las nuevas Constituciones : una respuesta de fidelidad creativa y un instrumento de renovación de la SM
J. Rodriguez SM
The New Constitutions, a response in creative fidelity and an instrument of renewal of the SM
K. Duffy SM
Constitutions Chapter Five: Entering Nazareth
A. Greiler SM
Do Great Things for God like Mary
The Marist (SM) Constitutions
A Bibliography

Marist History and Spirituality/ Histoire et spiritualité mariste

B. Bourtot SM
Les Pères Maristes à Montbel (1852-1903)
P. É. Vachon SM
Pédagogie mariste
H. Laracy
Of Missionaries and Mariners: Marists, Milanese and the Vicariate of Melanesia, 1845-1859
J. Thornhill SM
More of the Same or a New Impetus for Our Marist Mission?
1842 text.jpg1872text.jpgMontbel.jpgNotre Dame de Montbel.jpg