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23 November 1836 - Delegation of Powers from Jean-Baptiste-François Pompallier to Jean-Claude Colin

Original in Latin. Translated by Fr Brian Quin SM, September 2006.

John Baptist Francis Pompallier, by Divine mercy and the grace of the holy Apostolic see, Bishop of Maronea and Vicar Apostolic of Western Oceania: as it was shown to us [1] and to the Sacred Congregation of Propaganda Fide to be completely useful to our mission, if any one of the Fathers of the Society of Mary may be chosen so that while remaining in France, he may especially and in every way care for the good of the same mission, we have judged no one appropriately to be chosen for this task than the very Superior General of the same Society of Mary lawfully ruling it; or, if [he], burdened by his tasks is not able to accept, is asked in charity that he decide/wish to choose one of his assistants for as long as he is able to fill the post.
Therefore to our very Reverend Father Claude Colin, the present Superior General of the Society of Mary, or, if it is not possible, to one of his official assistants chosen by him, we concede the power of representing us before the faithful benefactors of our mission and before the Society of the Propagation of the Faith, as it is called, now flourishing in Europe and especially in France, so that gifts of Christian charity may be received by him and sent to us through him. And as well ordinary faculties, with cases reserved to us, to be given to missionaries setting out to places under our jurisdiction, having been previously formed in the bosom of the same Society of Mary, and chosen by him and also asked for by us.
This present letter [valid] until revoked [2] was written by our own hand and furnished with a seal in the city called Le Havre in France, in the year 1836, on the 23rd day of the month of November.
+John Baptist Francis Pompallier, Bishop of Maronea, and Vicar Apostolic of Western Oceania.
( place of the seal)


  1. Pompallier here means himself -- translator’s note
  2. Praesentes illae litterae usque ad revocationem voliturae

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