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24 December 1836 - Bp Jean-Baptiste Pompallier to Fr Pierre Colin, Le Havre

Translated by Fr Brian Quin SM, October 2006

J M J 24 December 1836

Reverend Father
A little greeting again. At last, we are leaving today: what good news! I am hastening to inform you about it. How much we want to get on board! At half past nine this morning, it will happen. I would very much have liked to have been able to receive a reply from Father Cholleton, but his many occupations have prevented him from writing to me. My homage to the Bishop and to Father Cholleton. I only have time to write a few lines: I very much want to say Holy Mass. Thank you very much for all your good services and the concern for us that you bring before God in your prayers and in those of several people who are very dear to me, among whom I count all those who are in your recent establishment in Lyons. If I can repeat my blessing of you from here, I give it to you cordially, and to your whole community as well. May God add to it his greatest graces. I was very content to find out that God has sent you several candidates. My warm congratulations to Father Lagnier, who I know and love very much. Through him, a thousand blessings[1] on Father Marcel and the Sisters who have written to me from the L’Antiquaille Hospice. I have not been able to answer their letters, fervent letters, for example those from Sisters Lime, Droyes, Etersier and others. I am very grateful for what they sent me. I will not forget them in the presence of the Lord.
A thousand blessings also on Father Marion and Father Aujogue of Fourvière. Farewell, farewell in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Our Lady of Fourvière, pray for us. We will never forget you.
Le Havre, 24 December 1836
All yours,
François Pompallier, Bishop of Maronea
Vicar Apostolic of Western Oceania
PS Your letters can safely get to us at this address: to Bishop Pompallier, registered in France, to M Emile Franques, Le Havre, 26 Rue St-Jacques; in Valparaiso, Chile, to the French priests at the Retreat House.


  1. mille bonnes choses

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