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2 October 1840 - Father Pierre Bataillon to Father Jean-Claude Colin, Wallis

Translated by Fr Brian Quin SM, July 2012

Father Colin, Superior of the College at Belley, Belley, Ain, France

Wallis Island 2 October 1840

Revered Superior,
I am writing these few words to an opportunity that is uncertain and so distant that I can only dare hope that they will get to you.
The Wallis mission is on a good footing as far as I can presently see. After many difficulties and trials the good God has achieved his work among the poor savages entrusted to me, and right now I count more than 1200 catechumens, all ready to receive baptism when the Bishop comes. I received a visit from Father Chevron last month. He brought me some letters from the Bishop which informed me of his imminent arrival. I expect him every day and he does not come. It is to him that I would send much more detailed letters than I am getting ready for you right now.
Workers, please, workers! The harvest is ready all these island groups, but there are no workers to gather it.
The dear children that the good God has given us are praying to the good God for the whole Society; pray to the good God for them, so that He will strengthen the faith of those who have already received it and that He has given to those to whom it has not yet been given.
I commend myself specially to your prayers and holy sacrifices so that I may be what God wants me to be.
Please accept, Reverend Superior, the assurance of my respects and my obedience for ever.
Bataillon, m(issionary) ap(ostolic)

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