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3 August 1841 — Letter from Father Jean-Baptiste Epalle to Father Jean-Claude Colin, Bay of Islands

Translated by Mary Williamson, October 2020

Based on the document, APM OOc 418.1. not in personal handwriting, but signed and addressed personally.

Double sheet of paper. In the register of letters, ED 1, was numbered 74.

[p.4][across the page] [Address]
Mr Colin, Superior General / of the Society of Mary / Saint Barthelemy Rise no.4 / Lyon / Europe — France.
Bay of Islands (New Zealand), 3 August 1841.
The bill mentioned here is paid.

My Reverend Father,
In my letter number 9, of 31 July last, I told you of the departure of the Bishop for a voyage around the coast of New Zealand. Before he left, Mr Rouffio,[1] captain of the Rose, made a promise to the Bishop to make a certain sum available to him, that he was not yet able to specify and to receive a draft from you. As this sum could not be specified before the Bishop’s departure, His Lordship left me the bills of exchange, for me to write in the amount that Mr Rouffio would deliver, these bills having been filled in and signed by the Bishop himself. But mistakenly the Bishop had put date instead of sight; this could cause some difficulty, if Mr Rouffio should cede his rights to someone else and a crossing out could also cause great problems. That is why I have preferred to re-write these bills and add my own signature, having the powers to do so.
The bill is for three hundred and forty nine pounds six shillings and seven pence sterling, or 8733 francs 20 centimes, payable to Mr Rouffio.
Your humble and obedient servant,
Epalle, pro-vicar apostolic.


  1. Jacques Rouffio (1797-1872), who settled in Tahiti in 1844 (cf. O’Reilly, Tahitians, p. 410).