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Second half of February 1842 — Commander Eugène du Bouzet to Fr Jean-Baptiste Comte

Translated by Fr Brian Quin SM June 2008

This letter accompanies the following one (Doc 135) which describes events at Futuna between 18th and 20th of January 1842. It seems to have been sent from Akaroa on Sunday 6 March 1842, so the "Monday morning" given at the head of the letter could be on any Monday between these dates. However du Bouzet, who was the commander of the Allier apologises for a delay in writing -- see below -- and so the letter to Comte and the accompanying report were most likely written on a Monday in the second half of February (14, 21 or 28) – C Girard, introduction.

Monday morning
Dear Father Comte
I have not forgotten you, but am so busy right now that I have a real excuse for being a bit late. Happily I have found time to write you a bit of a scribble about what the Corvette Allier did at Futuna: I am sending it to you and giving you permission to add to it or subtract from it, and to use it as you will, only don't present it as mine, and don't associate my name with it except where it is absolutely necessary. I am happy to have found this opportunity to be kind to you, and ask you to accept my sincere devotion.
Eugene du Bouzet
My good wishes to Father Tripe.

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