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Br Luc Macé to Fr Victor Poupinel, 20 May 1842

Translated by Fr Brian Quin SM, November 2008

This letter is given the same date as that of Brother Pierre-Marie’s because it enclosed Brother Pierre-Marie’s letter.

To Father Poupinel, Marist priest, Lyons, Rhône

A[d] m[ajorem] D[ei] g[loriam]

Reverend and beloved Father
I only have the time to say a word or two to you. You no doubt remember Brother Luc, who was and still is one of your most faithful friends. I won’t go into any details because I haven’t the time, the ship is on the point of leaving. The Brothers whose signatures you will see on the letter enclosed in this one offer you their apologies and tell you everything as best as they can. I ask you to excuse me for writing to briefly to you – I will do better on another occasion.
Please, I entreat you, pass on the letter we are sending you, if you see it appropriate; as for us, we wish it, and that is why we are sending it to you, as someone filled with zeal for the spread of the Gospel.
Please accept, Reverend and dear Father, the assurance of my respect and sincere affection.
Your entirely devoted and very humble servant
Brother Luc

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