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12 February 1843 - Father Jean Lampila to Father Colin, Bay of Islands


Lampila begins by informing Colin of his recent ordination to the priesthood (25 December 1842 – at the Hokianga mission station.) He says that he sees himself as truly unworthy of this honour. Amidst his doubts he finds consolation in the fact that Mary is his loving Mother, and in divine mercy. There was no chapel or church at the mission – Bishop Pompallier had a temporary chapel built for the occasion; but Lampila notes that due to the generosity of “les Anglais” a large chapel would soon be built there. Labour for the work had been promised by the local chiefs.

He moves on to describe the mission and its work; the physical difficulties encountered: deep rivers and swamps... the benefits of the newly completed printer in making catechetical work much easier.... a journey to Ahipara, (at the southern end of the “Ninety-mile Beach”) and baptisms done there.

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