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15 January 1844 — Father Claude-André Baty to Father Victor Poupinel, on the Tryphene

Translated by Fr Brian Quin SM, May 2007


on board the brig Tryphene

15 January 1844

To the Reverend Father Procurator for the New Zealand mission

Reverend Father
[1] [In Poupinel’s handwriting]
Turn over the page
If you have not yet received from New Zealand anything about the following, I am informing you that I am authorised by Bishop Pompallier to send 100 francs, out of the allocations from the Propagation of the Faith, to Madame the widow Roget, Boulevard and cul-de-sac Maine, at the house of the piano-maker, the money having been advanced here by Mrs Outhwaite. Please be so kind as to notify the Bishop or Father Procurator at the Bay of Islands that this has been done.
I beg you as well to send me, if it is possible, a copy of Feller’s Biography;[1] I left one at Belley when I came to Oceania; that work is very useful here where heresy spouts so many things that you don't know where to look to correct them.
I have the honour to be,
Reverend Father,
your very humble servant,
[5] [in Poupinel’s hand writing]
Send 100 francs to Madame Roget. Get a receipt from this lady, and note on it that the payment has been made by Father Epalle and the reason.
Keep this letter and send it back to us.


  1. François Feller’s Biographie Universelle