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Fr Claude-André Baty to Fr Jean-Claude Colin, Bay of Islands, 22 January 1845

Translated by Fr Brian Quin SM, October 2005

APM Z 208 22 January 1845


Bay of Islands, 22 January 1845

Reverend Father

Bishop Pompallier has come back from Sydney and is wearied because of the many things he has been involved in. He was to send you a letter, and also to give an account of the state of the mission and write to the Central Council of [the Society for] the Propagation of the Faith in Lyons; but it is impossible for him to do it at this opportunity[1] which has come too soon, and because of his indisposition he has asked me to write to you and let you know his wishes.

Now his wishes are that you be so kind as to no longer send funds through particular [financial] houses. There have been in fact, so many strong houses in Sydney which have failed, that it is providential that the funds sent by the last despatch have been able to be withdrawn. Bishop Pompallier has arranged for Father Heptonstall, a priest in London, to be his agent, so could you please, in future, send him all the funds allocated; beyond that, you will soon receive Bishop Pompallier’s letter which will be more detailed.

Be so kind, Very Reverend Father, to pray for and ask for much prayer for him who has the honour to be [sous? J et M – under Jesus and Mary?]

Your very humble and unworthy son

[p2] [At least a line seems to have been missed – at the top – in photocopying] … who are protesting against the [commission? diminution?] of their authority and the British government. Three times the flagstaff has been cut down, where, at the Bay of Islands, there has not yet been any fighting. We need prayers that nothing turns to the advantage of the Demon.[2]


  1. provided by the imminent departure of a ship, presumably - translator’s note
  2. Satan - translator’s note