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Fr Jean-Baptiste Petit-Jean à Jean-Claude Colin, Auckland, 19 February 1845

Translated by Fr Brian Quin SM, October 2005

APM Z 208 19 February 1845 To the Very Reverend Father

Auckland, 18 February 1845

Very Reverend Father

Please receive these few lines which may be of interest to you because of the news they contain. Very probably when this gets to you, I will be in Sydney to replace an English priest whom Bishop Pompallier has obtained.

You are too wise to prejudge anything about this move. I myself even ought to refrain from making any comment on it to you. The Reverend Father Forest and His Lordship will explain everything to you I hope.

Please, Very Reverend Father, take care that my parents know that I am in New Holland.[1]

Pray for your son.

I am, with deep respect,
Very Reverend Father,
Your very humble and obedient son,
and servant in Jesus and Mary,
J[ean] Bap[tiste] Petit-Jean
Pr[iest] M[ariste] M[issionary] Ap[ostolic]


  1. a then-current name for Australia - translator’s note