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1 September 1845 — Fr Antoine Dubreul to Fr Victor Poupinel, Sydney

Translated by Peter McConnell, June 2010

France ¤ To Reverend Father Poupinel, ¤ Procurator of the Oceania Mission ¤ Montée S(ain)t Barthélemy no 4 ¤ Lyon

No 1. N(ew) Holland, 1 September

Dear Father,
I received your letters, a crate, a box for my dear colleagues. On the way they lost the case addressed to us which contained the equipment for making communion hosts. It is thought that the crate was left behind at Boulogne.
Please be so good as to take responsibility for mailing a letter from Bishop Polding to Father Choiselar. You will find it in a packet of letters, which we posted four days ago, separate from this one.
Regards. The ship is about to leave.
Antoine Dubreul