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8 January 1846 - Letter from Guillaume Douarre to Madame Pénissat, Superior of the Community of the Sisters of Mercy, Yssac la Tourette, near Riom

Translated by Natalie Keen, May 2010

From source, APM Douarre documents (to various friends).

One sheet, “Bath” paper, forming four pages of which two are handwritten, the third blank, the fourth page bearing the address and Poupinel’s annotation.


France * Madame * Madame Pénissat Superior * of the Community of the Sisters of Mercy at * Issac la Tourette * via Riom * Puy de Dôme

[in Poupinel’s hand]
N(ew) Caledonia * 8 January 1846 * M(onsei)g(neu)r Douarre


Mother Superior,
An officer from the Heroine is waiting at the house to take our mail. I have spent part of the night on business letters and, although I had done several of them in advance, I still cannot catch up with them. First, the visits of these gentlemen who call on us take up a certain amount of our time which we need for our correspondence, and then I’m the only one who is doing the writing as Father Rougeyron has enough to do and cannot act as my secretary because he is too busy. I gave only a few details to M. Poupart, none to M. de Meydat, because of certain things that Monseigneur had been led to understand, of which you are most certainly aware and which I was very happy to bring into the open.
You know, dear Sister, that I am sufficiently accustomed to trials not to be at all concerned by all these things unless they harm the mission.
Jean had prepared a long letter for his parents; they will receive it only a few months after this one; it might interest you, but it is not yet finished. I was intending to write to Mlles. Boutarel and Bargheou; but it’s impossible, I’ll do it at the first opportunity. Please tell them this; I’m only too aware of the interest these dear ladies take in us. Please also be kind enough to tell M. de Meydat, because I can’t open his letter, to leave till further notice what he has in store for me.
I’m not thanking you, my dear Sister, for all you are doing for my little niece, as it is impossible where I am ever to be able to acknowledge all I owe you. God will repay you, if He answers my prayers.
I’ll end here because they are hurrying me: please remember me to those in la Tourette who still think of their poor pastor; my regards to all your family, to all your Sisters, to Mme Magdeleine, of course to M.and Mme., the name escapes me, you know them, the good lady in question comes from Mont-d’Or. Be kind enough also to give my regards to the Garron family, to the parish priest, who will himself give the same message to the parish priest of S[ain]t Bonnet.
I’m writing quite informally, but how can I do otherwise to you who have been so kind to me. Accept my gratitude and my warmest regards, with which I have the honour to be, Madame, your most humble and obedient servant
+ G[uillaume] Bishop of Amata
New Caledonia
8 January 1846