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10 February 1846 - Father Jean-Victor Favier to Father Jean-Claude Colin, Futuna

Source APM OW 208 Favier

Translated by Natalie Keen, July 2014

One sheet, forming 4 pages with two handwritten, the third blank, the fourth bearing only the address and the Poupinel annotation.

To very Reverend Father Colin, Superior General of the Society of Mary In Lyon, Mount St Barthélemy (4), Rhône -- France

[In the handwriting of Poupinel]
Central Oceania - Futuna 10 February 1846 -- Father Favier

Jesus Mary Joseph

The Island of Futuna – 10 February on board
the Étoile du Matin

My very reverend Father,
I am hurrying to write you this letter to tell you that I continue to be happy in Futuna. Each day I do everything I can to train my Christians in Christian virtues. Their behaviour fills me with comfort. I shall not say a word about their fervour, since I’ve given you lengthy details about this in my previous letters. I urge you not to be anxious about my relationship with my colleague Father Servant, we always agree about things, the bonds of charity bring us together all the time, we don’t complain, we have all we need. Our only problem is sweating a lot. If reverend Father Calinon has written you that we were not happy , he wasn’t exactly telling the truth; we are extremely upset at his conduct towards our venerable bishop, going to Sydney to gather provisions for our missions without telling him.
I beseech you, my very reverend Father, to pray for me, most unworthy of all your sons. Once again most grateful thanks for your fatherly kindness. I trust we shall have the pleasure of meeting in heaven, our true homeland. Just one word about my inner self. I work each day to keep myself in a state of fervour. I have a particular fear of a routine existence. Don’t forget our dear novices. Pray for them Jesus and Mary, His holy mother, who is also our mother. Please give my respectful regards to the reverend Fathers in the house in Lyon, in particular reverend Fathers Choleton and Maîtrepierre.
I ask you please, my very reverend Father, to accept once more that, after that of the Good lord, it is your bidding that I am here to do.
Jean Victor Favier Missionary Apostolic