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5 June 1846 — Fr Antoine Dubreul to Fr Jean-Claude Colin, Sydney

Translated by Peter McConnell, October 2010

Sydney, 5 June 1846
Very reverend Father,
I am letting you know that yesterday I drew a sum of 600 pounds sterling on the account of Mrs Guérin (widow) and sons to counter the expenses of the missions stations at San Cristoval and in the Wallis Islands. You had authorized Bishop Epalle to draw in your name 40,000 and me 10,000 when circumstances would require such withdrawals. Be so good therefore, very reverend Father to warn Mrs Guérin (widow) and sons of according this honour. An initial withdrawal of 800 pounds sterling has been made by father Richer in the names of Messrs Rothschild in Paris. The second withdrawal is the one I am advising you of today; I did it in the names of Mrs Guérin (widow) and sons because we had no advice from Messrs Rothschild and we were afraid that they no longer had our funds in their bank. The third withdrawal will be like the second namely of 600 pounds sterling drawn on the account of Mrs Guérin and sons. She will perhaps settle the account to two payments of 300 pounds.
This sum of 50,000 had been necessary in pressing and difficult circumstances which we are in, to pay for the expenses of the mission station of Bishop Epalle, the trip of Bishop Douarre to Sydney and to San Cristoval where he had just left with supplies for a year, in order to bring help to our colleagues and to know what has become of them. The mission station in Wallis had also to pay for the schooner bought by Bishop Bataillon and for the considerable repairs that were necessary to make it sea-worthy.
Since leaving France, eighteen months ago, we have received no advice on the funds allocated to the mission stations. Yet there must be funds in kitty for the vicariate of Bishop Bataillon who says he has received nothing in 1845 and the amount for 1846 will be sent when you have received our bills.
I am in a hurry to go to France, very reverend Father, to give you the most necessary and the most useful details for the welfare of our mission stations. Bishop Douarre, bishop Bataillon and Father Calinon and in general all the Marist community whom I have seen have asked me to make that trip to share with you our thoughts. Bishop Bataillon has given me in writing the authority to arrange with you all the things which concerns him for the vicariate of the central base. Consequently I shall be in Lyon shortly after this letter arrives. We are keeping in Sydney Father Chaurain who brought us the sad news of the death of Bishop Epalle thinking that we were responding to your intention of making him an procurator; he will replace me in Sydney while I am travelling.
In expectation of the joy of seeing you, accept the assurance of my respectful attachment and of my entire devotion,
Antoine Dubreuil
Procurator for the missions of the Marist Society in Oceania.