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6 September 1846 — Fr Xavier Montrouzier to his parents, New Caledonia

Translated by Peter McConnell, September 2010

Jesus, Mary, Joseph
All through Mary!

My dear parents,
Bishop Douarre will send his letter and as he promised me that he will pay you a visit, I won’t give you some details. I will tell you only that I am enjoying good health and that I am more and more happy in being called to the apostolic life. The further I go, the more I understand the wretchedness of our people and the urgent need to make sacrifices for their conversion. Moreover those who are now baptized show that we do not work in a sterile field, for they show admirable sentiments.
The shipwrecked men of the Seine are about to leave. Providence appeared to be good in their regard. They had bread; what is better, they tasted the gift of God, for several made their first communion and received the sacrament of Confirmation. The officers behaved perfectly during their stay so that they have left here only happy memories. Use the opportunity afforded by the return of Bishop Douarre to write to me lengthily and send me scientific books and everything that you can collect for the dignity of the mission station.
I embrace you from the bottom of my hear, my dear parents, my brothers and my sisters, and I beg you to believe me for ever,
your good son,
Xavier Montrouzier
Apostolic missionary.