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17 September 1846 — Fr Antoine Dubreul to Fr Jean-Claude Colin, Brazil

Translated by Peter McConnell, September 2010

South America, Portugese Possessions, Pernambuco
17 September 1846

Very Reverend Father,
Being quite seriously indisposed. I decided to stop at Pernambucco, South America, a Portuguese colony. It took a week’s rest and I am setting out for Le Havre on the César a French ship which will reach France in six weeks’ time. In my present state of exhaustion, I could not stay any longer on the General Heweth. It would have been unwise. I had embarked on that English vessel at Sydney. I was the only Catholic and I will speak to you later on about the troubles I had to endure. The bishop of Pernambouc and the French Consul organized my changing vessels to spend a few days at Pernambouc. Moreover in the middle of very awful trials, God sustained me and I hope with his grace to reach our country without having to reproach myself of anything grievous during that long passage. Pray and have others pray for me; it is very necessary so that the Holy Virgin may arrange well the things that I am going to talk to you about.
Very Reverend Father, accept the assurance of the faithful devotion and obedience of
your very respectful child,
Antoine Dubreul,