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About the end of October 1846 — Br Jean Taragnat to Fr Jean-Claude Colin, New Caledonia

Translated by Peter McConnell, October 2010

Very Reverend Father,
Following the orders of Bishop Douarre of New Caledonia I left intending to go with him to France. However, when I reached Sydney, Father Rocher needed somebody and suggested that I should help him. He left me free nonetheless to make the decision but that should I decline that was all right with him and that if that was my decision he would not try to convince me to change my mind.
Following the bishop’s advice I consented to stay in Sydney thinking that it was doing God’s will rather than man’s, because, Reverend Father, you are not unaware that it costs dearly to miss an opportunity to see one’s fatherland again especially for one like me who is so lacking in spirituality. However, the grace of God is great and he does what he wants. Here is nothing extraordinary although with all my heart I want to return to New Caledonia, if such is the will of God and your intention of sending me back here.
Reverend Father, in that regard my intention is not to give you an obligation but a plea. I am waiting here in Sydney, where I am trying with the grace of God and the help of your fervent prayers, to do my job as best as I can.
Think of your quite devoted son,