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30 November 1846 — Father Ferdinand François Junillon to Mrs Auguste Junillon, his sister, Wallis

Translated by Peter McConnell, October 2010

By the Emma Eugenia ¤ France ¤ Madame ¤ Madame Auguste Junillon chez ¤ madame la comtesse de Lafrunty ¤ rue de Rivoli nº 32 ¤ à Paris ¤ Les 2 noms partis no 21 rue de l’Esta

COLONIES [--] ART. 13 — PAID SHIP LETTER [SYDNEY] MY 21— E 15 — AK 24 NO 24 1847 — [--] 26 NOV 47 BOULOGNE


Wallis 30 November 1846

My dear sister,
I forget in my last letter to say that I received the little case containing different objects which you sent me. I gave the dress to the queen, but it was too small for her and had sleeves; it was torn to shreds the first time she put it on. Miss Perroton, whom I have mentioned to you, arranged it for her. Spare yourself the expense of sending me such things. If however you find the means of sending me something, don’t put any more fresh bread, bonnets and any similar things (in the parcel)--. Items for the church, lovely material, big or small rosary beads with solid beads (---).
I will write to you again by way of the Arche d’Alliance, and if you find somebody really devoted and a little wealthy and after obtaining the advice of much enlightened folk like Reverend Father Bourdain (---).
I received a letter from Mrs Clotilde S. She forbids me speaking to you. Take care not to compromise me; don’t speak to her about my letters. You must have said something to her about my f. which angered her. Don’t say anything about it. Learn from that experience to be more prudent because not being circumspect you will do yourself harm. Once more don’t tell them anything.
You are not unaware of all the concern I have for you. When you believe that Louise is devoting herself to a work which demands so much devotion and self sacrifice (---).
The ship is leaving.
Goodbye, my dear sister,
Thinking of you