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6 August 1847 – Father Etienne Chaurain to Bishop Guillaume Douarre, Sydney

Based on the document sent, APM OP 458 Pro-procuratores.

Translated by Mary Williamson, February 2011.

One leaf of paper written solely on the back.

Sydney, 6th August 1847.


You have no doubt heard of the predicament in which I have found myself following the arrival of the brigantine Anonyme in Sydney.
It has been necessary, though very reluctantly, to take action on the drafts. The first, as you have probably been informed, was drawn on your account for the loading of a ship for the benefit of your mission. Instead of being only to the advantage of the very Rev. Fr Superior, the advice letters and the drafts themselves should have also been to your advantage; but not having yet received news of your arrival in France, I thought it safer to write to the very Rev. Fr Colin, thinking that what had been said to one person was not necessarily known to another.
I have sent in duplicate everything that Fr Rougeyron asked me to and everything that Jean and I [1] thought would be the most useful to the mission in New Caledonia, bricks – bindings – nails – planks – locks for shutters – 20 heifers – 70 lambs – 3 pigs and a French shepherd, a colonist from Akaroa (New Zealand). His pay is settled at £30, or 750 francs. The tonnage of the ship is around 100 tons. …..
The expenses have climbed a little higher than I would have liked. Nevertheless the sum of £400 or 10,000 francs was more than sufficient to cover everything. And etc.etc….
Letter from Fr Chaurain, procurer in Sydney, to Bishop Douarre in France.


  1. Brother Jean Taragnat (cf. doc. 625, ∫ 15 and n.7; 636, ∫ 11).

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