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14 September 1847 — Fr Jérôme Grange to Fr Jean-Claude Colin, Sydney

Translated by Peter McConnell, July 2010

Sydney, 14 September 1847

Very reverend Father,
I have just time to say a couple of words to you because the boat is about to leave this very moment for China.
The warship La Brillante has just brought us to Sydney; the mission station in New Caledonia was no longer tenable. We were attacked by a great number. They pillaged everything. We were scarcely able to save our lives. Still Brother Blaise was slain. Bishop Collomb took refuge with us. He ran the same danger and lost all his provisions. And if the La Brillante had delayed a week, we would most certainly have all be massacred. The La Brillante, which was coming from Wallis, brought us Father Roudaire who is staying with us at the moment.
Apostolic missionary.

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