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4 October 1847 − Brother Jean-Joseph Muraour to Father Jean-Claude Colin, Wallis

Translated by Mary Williamson, May 2012.

Based on the document sent, APM OW 208 MURAOUR.

Sheet of paper folded to form four written pages.

Jesus Mary Joseph

Uvea, 4th October 1847

My very Reverend Father
I am permitting myself to write to you, to recall me to your memory before God, the Holy Virgin and St Joseph and to ask God, through your mediation, whether I have left on this mission to become lost, to become another outcast. I am enjoying perfect bodily health, but I cannot say the same for my poor soul, which pines to see its dearly beloved in order to enjoy perfect health, and so that she too could enjoy perfect health, it is thus that we will be happy if we are faithful; but our occupations are so numerous that they prevent me from giving you a full account of our arrival on Wallis. We are all in good health and each one has set out on his destiny. I would say to you that I am very content to have left for the missions so as to carry out my function as a Brother. The life is very hard but the rewards are great. This is what makes me work with diligence and prudence. It is very painful for me to tell you that we have lost two Brothers and it causes me great pain that they have died. The thing that consoles me is that they died in the arms of Jesus and Mary, that they are happy to be in Heaven and enjoy the blessed presence of the Holy Trinity, of Jesus and Mary and all the Saints. It is this that we should hope for with confidence and dedication right to the end.
The Bishop is leaving for the second time since we arrived on Uvea. He is leaving for Futuna with Br Joseph. I remain here with Fr Junillon in the large parish of Uvea. Fr Mairier and Br Augustin are at the college that they are starting. Fr Mathieu is alone at St Joseph and Br Pascase is at the printing works, replacing Mr Grezel who is leaving with the Bishop for Futuna.
Up till now the affairs of the mission are going quite well. I am the only one who is causing upset in the organisation as I am a great sinner. Pray to God for me, so that He might have the grace to suppress my faults, which are very numerous.
What I regret is that the Bishop did not place me in the mission with Fr Padel. I would ask you in kindness to request him to place me with him. He will not refuse you this, If you ask it for me. I must tell you that I am not happy when I am not able to practice my trade of locksmith and I become useless to the mission. If I cannot use my trade----

The thing that pained me most on leaving France was that I was not given all the necessary tools required for my trade. If I had known that things were going to happen thus, I would not have left without my tools, because in such a distant land it is difficult to procure them. They are twice as expensive. It is difficult to work without tools.
Please greet all the Fathers on my behalf, especially the Reverend Father Edmar, this very zealous Father and all the Brothers of the Society. Please greet the Reverend Father Maitrepierre and Father Haleton. Pray to the good Lord for me. I must not forget to ask you to send us tobacco, which is very useful in these hot countries and to also send me some snuff boxes so that I have somewhere to store it. We are all well and are working as much as is possible.
I will not see you again on this miserable earth, so may we have the good fortune to meet again in Heaven.
Always united in Jesus and Mary,
Muraour, Jean-Joseph
Brother of the Society of Mary
by God’s grace.
[8][in the margin on an angle]
I forgot to give you the names of the two deceased, they are Brother Gerard and Brother Atale.

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