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26 October, 1847 − Father Etienne Chaurain to Father Victor Poupinel (1), Sydney

Translated by Mary Williamson, March 2014.

Based on the document sent, APM OP 458 Pro-procuratores.

Sheet of paper forming four pages, two of which are written on, the third left blank, the fourth having only the address and annotation of Poupinel.

[p.4 Address]
Mr Poupinel, Marist priest • Montée Saint Barthélemy 4 • Lyon

[in Poupinel’s handwriting]
Sydney 26th October 1847 • Reverend Father Chaurain

[p.1, at the top of the page, in an unknown handwriting]

The bill was presented on 6th March 1848.

Sydney 26th October 1847.

My Reverend Father,
It is my duty to inform you that I have just charged to your account the sum of 20.800 francs, to pay the bill of Mr Marziou, merchant of Le Havre. We have just negotiated the sum with Mr Birnstnigl [1] and Company; I hope that you will also receive by the same ship the first promissory note of the previously mentioned bill which we have organised, as usual, with a thirty day settlement.
Aboard the Paket, on the first of this month, I have already sent you an explanatory letter, which I hope you have received and about which you will no doubt have informed Mr Marziou, following the suggested advice in that same letter.
You will perhaps be surprised to see that the bill has climbed to 20.800 frs, instead of the 20.000 already discussed. This extra is nothing more than the usual difference that exists between this country and France.
Other than this letter to officially advise you, I hope to have the opportunity to send you, by the same ship, another which will be more explicit.[2]
I am,
in the meantime,
My Reverend Father,
Your very obedient servant,
Etienne Chaurain.


  1. should no doubt read Birnstengel
  2. See the following letter (doc.678)

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