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16 May 1848 − Father Pierre Rougeyron to Father Jean-Claude Colin, Vanuatu

Based on the document sent, APM ONC 208 Rougeyron. Folded sheet of paper, forming four pages, two of which are written on, the third remaining blank, the fourth having only the address.

Translated by Mary Williamson, 2016


Mr/ Mr Colin the younger, in Lyon / Saint Barthélemy Rise No.7 / Rhône France.

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PAID 27 HONG-KONG − HONG-KONG 28 OC 1848 − LYON 20 DEC. 48 (68)


Anatom, 16th May 1848

My Very Reverend Father,
I am risking this letter on a small ship that leaves tomorrow for China. We went to port Saint Vincent as we had already mentioned to you. But once there, as we could find neither water nor wood, we decided to go to Anatom in the New Hebrides [Vanuatu]. That is where we are now. The island and its inhabitants suit us perfectly. In a few days our house will be finished and the Arche d’ Alliance will leave for the island of Ouvea [1] in the Loyalties, to take Rev Father Roudaire there to open that important mission.
In a few weeks the Arche d’Alliance should be passing through Anatom again. I hope to be able, at that time, to give you fuller details. At the moment I cannot do this for several reasons. Please pray for us often, my Very Reverend Father. You understand our needs.
We do not know if the bishop is still in France. If he is, please give him our news promptly and tell him that we are all very content and that the Good Lord seems to wish to light up his mission with the happiest of days.
When the ship the Maris Stella arrives, we will be able to begin some interesting mission work in various areas that we know. I will talk to you about all that later. Nothing else new.
Your respectful servant,
The Very Reverend Father Roudaire and all the Brothers present their humblest of respects and commend themselves to your prayers.


  1. the French has the earlier name “the island of Halgan” (cf. doc. 694, § 1).

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