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22 May 1848 − Brother Marie-Nizier (Jean-Marie Delorme) to father Jean-Claude Colin, Futuna

Based on the document sent, APM OW 208 Delorme, Marie- Nizier. Folded sheet of paper, forming four pages, three of which are written on, the fourth having only the address and Poupinel’s annotation.

Translated by Mary Williamson, 2016

To the Reverend / Reverend Father Colin / Superior General of the Society of Mary. / Lyon / Saint Barthélemy Rise no.4 / Rhône / France.

[in Poupinel’s hand writing]
Futuna / 22nd May 1848 / Brother Marie-Nizier.


Jesus, Mary, Joseph. Island of Futuna, 22nd May 1848.

My Very Reverend Father,
It is with the greatest of satisfaction that I have just received the small box containing the books that I had asked you for. The first thing that I looked for was a letter in your own handwriting; but alas! In vain I shook all the wrappings of the various books one after another. I found nothing. - I do not have the pleasure of knowing the charitable people who have been kind enough to send me this gift; they have earned an everlasting right to my heartfelt gratitude. I do not know where the 50 francs that I found there came from; I am guessing that they were sent to enable me to procure the watch that I had asked my parents for; I commented on this to Bishop Bataillon, who had promised to get me one.
On Futuna I no longer have to suffer the sorts of trials that we encountered with the martyred Reverend Father; the Good Lord has changed their hearts! Examples of goodness have replaced scandals. For some time the Way of the Cross has been established; what a consolation to see people carrying out this blessed practice almost every day; and often dozens of people follow this salutary route at the same time.
I would like to have the time to give you more details about Futuna, but as the mission’s schooner is about to leave Futuna, I can only say to you: the inhabitants of this island are children of God and Mary.
Realising that I am unworthy of daring to hope for a reply from you, I will just take the liberty of commending myself, in a very private way, to your kind prayers and spare me a thought at the Holy Sacrifice.
Please accept my good wishes and the deep respect with which I have the honour to be My Very Reverend Father,
your very humble
and obedient son in Jesus and Mary
Brother Marie Nizier, catechist.
Post Script. Perhaps the best way to give thanks for kindness received is to ask for more. Not having received the other books that I had asked for in a letter, except for the one that had the list of my requests, which have been so faithfully executed, I renew this same request with complete submission to the decisions that you will exercise in the matter. - May the pious people who have taken such a particular interest in putting into action the preceding requests of a poor Brother who is unknown to them, perhaps again take responsibility for the following and specify the special little prayers that they would wish for. - Let them provide their names.

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