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1 August 1848 — Father Ferdinand François Junillon to Father Jean-Claude Colin, Wallis

Based on the document sent, APM OW 208 Junillon.

Translated by Mary Williamson, March 2018

Sheet of paper forming four pages, the first and second of which are written on, the third remaining blank, the fourth having only the address and annotation of Poupinel.

[p.4] [Address]
To the ReverendFather Superior Colin, Saint Barthelemy Rise no 4 / Lyon Rhône.

[in Poupinel’s handwriting]
Wallis 1st August 1848 / Father Junillon to the Reverend Father Superior General.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam et Beatae Mariae Virginis.

Very Reverend Father Superior,
I received your letter with the greatest of pleasure. I read it on my knees and with the greatest of respect, thinking that you were sending it to me with your holy benediction.
We need to often receive letters from you as they always have a very salutatory effect on us; they spur us on once more to do good and they fill us with courage.
It will give you great satisfaction, that our Brothers Augustin, Pascase and Joseph who are here, are doing very well in every way. I take as much care as I can of the latter two, who are here with me. We carry out our various devotional exercises together; they very often take part in the sacraments.
With God’s help, we will make good use of the helpful advice you are giving us.
As for the criticisms of Bishop Douarre about Bishop Bataillon, I can assure you that they are all untrue. His parcels were not unloaded from the Arche d’Alliance. If they were damaged, as his Lordship claims, it did not happen here. I was there myself to receive each article and note it down and send back whatever was not for us, without touching it.
It is not surprising that many things were damaged, having remained so long on board.
I can also assure you, my Reverend Father, that the Bishop is genuinely attached to you and that he strives to fully follow your own ideas at all times, because he holds heart and soul to our Society and his worthy Superior.
He said to me again, just yesterday evening: Are they displeased with me, that they send me so few missionaries? Please send us, good Father, many of them, as we know where to place them without any threat to their lives.
The schooner is leaving. I will finish by asking you to accept my deepest respects. I have the honour to be,
Very Reverend Father Superior,
your very devoted and obedient subject,
Junillon, Missionary apostolic.
It is by mistake and because I am so pressed that I am sending you two pages instead of one.

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