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21 August 1848 — Father Louis Padel to Father Jean-Claude Colin, Samoa

Translated by Mary Williamson, June 2018

Based on the document sent, APM ON 208 (Samoa) Padel.

Folded sheet of paper forming four pages, two of which are written on, the third remaining blank, the fourth having the address and the annotation of Poupinel.

To the Very ReverendFather / Superior of the Society of Mary, / Lyon.

[In Poupinel’s handwriting]
Island of Upolu 21st August 1848/ Father Padel to the Very Reverend Superior General.


Jesus Mary Joseph

To the Very Reverend Father Superior in Lyon

My Very Reverend Father,
The few lines that your paternal goodness has had you dictate and the pleasure that I have enjoyed in reading them and the recommendation that you have suggested to me, when, after having received your benediction, I was separated from you, to write to you whenever I might find the occasion, has led me to profit from the one that has presented itself. A ship is leaving in quarter of an hour for Sydney, taking Fathers Trapenard and Ducrettet, who were left here by the Stella del Mare three months ago.
I remain very content; boredom has not troubled me; if it wants to present itself, I know quite well how to deal with it. I think that in a fortnight to three weeks we will have the good fortune to find ourselves once again three in number, Father Violette, Father Vachon and I, so we can make our retreat. I have with me Brother Jacques who enlightens me greatly with his application to work and his solid piety. He is an enthusiastic religious worker.
Forgive me my Very Reverend Father, the ship is unfurling its sails. Do not forget the least of your children and those who are entrusted to his care.
Please accept, my Very Reverend Father, my deepest feelings of respect and my devoted obedience,
from the least of your children,
apostolic missionary of the Society of Mary.

Mulinuu, island of Upolu, Samoan archipelago or the Navigators, 21st August 1848.

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