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28 September 1848 — Father Pierre Rougeyron to Father Jean-Claude Colin, Vanuatu

Translated by Mary Williamson, August 2018

Based on the document sent, APM ONC 208 Rougeyron.

Sheet of paper forming four pages, two of which are written on, the third remaining blank, the fourth having only the address and annotation of Poupinel.

[p.4] [Address]
Via Southampton. / Mr Colin the younger / Lyon. — Saint Barthélemy Rise no.4 / France Rhône.

[in Poupinel’s handwriting]
Anatom 28th September 1848 / The Reverend Father Rougeyron.

Saint Joseph,. Anatom 28th September 1848.
My Very Reverend Father,
A ship is leaving for China, I am making use of it to give you our news. Just a few words for, because of the troubles in our unhappy country, I do not know if this letter will reach you.
Everything is going well in our mission in Anatom,[1] except for our health. No one is seriously ill, but all are somewhat out of sorts and have been for several months. It must be blamed on the country, we are led to believe.
I have just received news from the mission on the Isle of Pines and the Fathers there are very content.
We are very worried about Bishop Douarre. We greatly fear that the revolution may have prevented him from leaving. In that case, my Very Reverend Father, kindly give him our news promptly and tell him not to worry about our fate. We are able in a way to manage without support from Europe. To do this we use our hands to cultivate the earth all day long. Fortunately, the potatoes do well in our islands. We sow as many as possible. I believed, my Very Reverend Father that with my first years in New Caledonia having passed, my troubles and miseries were going to finish, but I was very mistaken and other difficult days have come to crush me. I can see very well now that the evils of this life will only finish with the end of life. It is a blessing to be tried thus, otherwise one would be too attached to this earth and death would seem too terrible.
All your children, Fathers and Brothers, from the depths of Oceania ask of you your blessed benediction. I ask for it also, tears in my eyes, I who am carrying a responsibility which is crushing me. Oh! Do not forget to pray for us and pray to our Holy Mother for us and our unfortunate missions. Every day the Society and you in particular, my Very Reverend Father, are remembered in our communal prayers.
Rougeyron, Marist priest.
I do not know if I have conveyed to you, my Very Reverend Father, that Prosper Rouesné renewed his vows at my hand on 15th August 1848. He always continues to enlighten us more and more. We thank the Holy Virgin for having thus brought him back into the bosom of his family.


  1. The modern spelling of the name of this island is Aneityum

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