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1 October 1848 — Brother Jacques Peloux to Father Victor Poupinel, Samoa

Translated by Mary Williamson, September 2018

Based on the document sent, APM ON 208 (Samoa) Peloux.

Sheet of paper forming four pages, the first of which is written on, the second and third remaining blank, the fourth having only the address and Poupinel’s annotation.

[p.4] [Address]
To the Reverend Father Poupinel

[in Poupinel’s handwriting]
Archipelago of the Navigators, island of Upolu / 1st October 1848 / Brother Jacques Peloux.


Jesus, Mary, Joseph
Samoa 1st October 1848.

My Very Reverend Father
I am profiting from the departure of the Arche d’Alliance to offer you my very humble respects. It is also to prove to you that I am not forgetting you. I wrote to you some time ago, via an American whaling ship; I think that you will have received my letter. I received the one that you wrote to me via the Stella del Mare. I have read it many times; you could not believe, my Reverend Father, the pleasure that it gave me. The mission in Samoa progresses rather slowly, but we nevertheless have very great hopes for it. I will not give you any details, because the Reverend Fathers who I am here with no doubt write to Lyon; They will give you a much fuller account than I would be able to myself.
I am keeping well and I am always very content with my vocation, but one thing is missing, though it is very necessary to me, it is humility; in Oceania, without it, a Brother is to be pitied. It is very hot here, it is easy to get worked up and then pride is always there, ready to take hold of anyone who wishes to go his own way. So please, my Reverend Father, pray to our good and communal Mother that she may help me to acquire this virtue, I believe that when she has gained it for me, I will be easily able to progress in others things.
The Reverend Father Grange will give you a small box in which there are a few small seashells. Would you please be kind enough to pass it on to my brother, but it is such a small thing that I do not wish you to put yourself about for it. It is a gift that I send him as a gesture of friendship.
I am, with great respect, your very humble and very obedient servant,
Brother Jacques Peloux
Society of Mary.

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