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1 November 1848. — Bishop Philippe Viard to Father Victor Poupinel, via Father Thomas Paulinus Heptonstall, OSB, with a note from Heptonstall, Sydney.

Based on the docoument sent, APM Z 152.18 Viard.

Sheet of paper forming two pages, the first of which is written on, the reverse side having only the address and annotation of Poupinel; plus the note of Heptonstall, a small sheet, measuring 81 x 130 mm when folded, forming four pages three of which are written on.

The Abbot Poupinel / Marist Missionaries residence / Saint Barthelemy Rise / Lyon France.

[Post Marks]
28th APRIL 28 1849 —- ANGL. 3 BOULOGNE-SUR MER 3 29 APRIL 49 LYON (68) 1 MAI 49.

[in Poupinel’s handwriting]
Acton near London 28th April 1849 / the Reverend doctor Heptonstall.

Sydney, 14 March 1848.
J(esus) M(ary) J(oseph)


November 1. 1848.

My dear sir,
I have the honor to accuse the receipt of your letter of 29th April last and the letter of credit for £791.1.7. therein inclosed.
I have had also the pleasure to inform you that the sum of £1550 which you send by different portiens1 since October 1847 till on the 31March last were duly placed to the credit of D(octo)r Pompallier at the Australasian Bank.
It is a long time ago since I have received no number of the Annals of the Propagation of the Faith. Would you be so kind as to procure me some for the years 1847, 1848, some in English and some in French.
I am, my dear sir,
your humble and obed(ien)t serv(ant),
+ Ph(ilippe) J. Viard Bishop of Orthosia

[Note sent by Heptonstall with the preceding letter]

Acton London April 28 / 49
Rev(erend) dear sir
As you will no doubt feel an interest in knowing that Bishop Viard has received a portion of the money you sent to him, I beg to forward his letter.
Could you send him some Annals in French by one of the priests who will go out with Bishop Pompallier. I will endeavor to send some in English. Bishop Pompallier has not yet returned from Ireland.
Begging a kind remembrance to the superior père Colin & to all the community,
I remain
yours very truly,
Tho(ma)s Heptonstall[1]


  1. T.P. Heptonstall (1798-1860), OSB, was clothed at downside in 1815 and ordained priest in 1827. He served at Acton from 1831 to 1850 where he was able to act as agent for his cousin, the Archbishop of Sydney, J.B. Polding and for other bishops.