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6 October 1850 - Father Claude-André Baty to Father Jean-Claude Colin, Sydney

Translated by Peter McConnell, February 2011

J(esus) M(ary) J(oseph)

Procure of Sydney 6 Octob(er) 1850

Very Reverend and dearly loved Father,
I am sending this letter with Father Chaurain who is leaving on Tuesday morning on the Tasmania. As I always make mistakes, I am just making corrections to my previous letters on these two points. Firstly, more than a third of the land belonging to the Procurator Station is good soil. I think that we could get some advantage by cultivating half the property but after a considerable amount of work. Secondly, my weak health does not stop me carrying out my duties. I say this as I am afraid that you may have got the wrong impression.
I had also said that I was thinking about telling you, very Reverend Father, a few things about my new position, but after reflecting on that matter, I will limit myself to the following observations. I have no real taste for that kind of job and consequently, despite my meagre attempts, I am failing to fulfil that post; besides I think it is difficult finding a man having the ability and the taste for being a Procurator and who does not enjoy mundane ideas and conversation. Furthermore, it is only in the missions, such as I know them, that one is unable to improve in any way. We do not become capable of fulfilling the jobs of the Marist Order. I don’t need to belabour that point. Those who set out many years ago are scarcely in touch with the practices of the Marist Order. I am now waiting patiently for your instructions. I am ready to stay here as I am ready to go and become a teacher in New Zealand. May the holy will of God be done everywhere and that Mary is honoured and that is enough.
Very Reverend Father, accept the deepest respect of he who has the honour of being in Jesus and Mary
Your very humble and
very devoted and unworthy servant,